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Concealed Carry Course 

The Concealed Carry Course (CCC) is an advanced pistol program designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for carrying a concealed pistol for self-defense. This 10-hour course is $200 and is divided into three sections: 5 hours of classroom instruction, 2 hours of practical application, and 3 hours of range time. With only six students per session, you'll receive personalized attention. Classes are held in Stafford County, VA.


To enroll, ensure you meet these requirements:


  • Completed the Basic Pistol Course with Freedom 1 Security

  • Own a pistol (9mm or higher)

  • Possess a Kydex Holster (Appendix or OWB/IWB Hip) specific to your pistol

  • Bring 150 Ball Rounds, eye and ear protection, a baseball-style cap, and a pistol cleaning kit

  • Bring a sincere desire to learn security awareness and proper techniques from the holster


Topics covered in the CCC include:


  • Safety and Accountability

  • Gear Selection and Carry Modes

  • The 4 Count Draw and Safe Holstering

  • Concealed Carry Rules and Reminders

  • Presentation Practice (Classroom and Range) with timer

  • Defensive Marksmanship

  • Physical and Anatomical Factors

  • Legal Factors

  • Defensive Mindset

  • Range Shoot (Outdoor Range Only)


Thank you, and I look forward to training with you again as you further your education in firearm safety. If you're currently ineligible to attend, I highly recommend enrolling in my basic pistol course as soon as possible. You won't be disappointed! Stay safe and thank you for considering our courses.

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