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Carrying a Concealed Pistol Course 

This Advanced Pistol Course introduces you to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal defense.


Classroom instruction is 8 hours, and range qualification is approximately 4 hours, and could be split into two days (Sat and Sun); depending on the number of students (4 student max). ​For the shooting qualification, students may shoot any caliber semi-automatic pistol between .22LR or higher. Passing this class is a prerequisite for the NRA CCW Instructor Course and meets the Concealed Carry requirements in the State of Virginia and the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in the State of Maryland.


What you'll learn: 

This course includes a brief overview of the Basic Pistol Course. ​This is a nationally certified course that teaches:


  • Mindset

  • Carry modes

  • Respond to an attack

  • Safely drawing from a holster

  • Draw from concealment

  • Maintaining trigger control

  • Trigger reset​

  • Handle loading and Stoppage remediation


Who Should Attend:


Completion of the Basic Pistol Course is strongly recommended.


Cost: $225

Classes are held in Stafford County, VA

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