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The Refresher Pistol Course 

The Refresher Pistol Course is a 4-hour course for students who have already completed some form of formal training but have not fired a firearm in the past year. This course will rebuild your firearm safety mindset, hone your skills and knowledge so you can enjoy your range time with more confidence.


What you'll learn: 


This is a condensed firearm course, covering some key topics: Firearm Safety Rules, Pistol Nomenclature, Shooting Stance, Two Hand Grip, Safe Handling Skills, fundamentals of Shooting, and a range live fire. The course is 65% classroom instruction, 25% Practical Application and 10% live range time.


Practical application exercises will be conducted using the student’s pistol, and/or my Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (S.I.R.T) training pistol.


Tentative timeline:

2 Hrs. 30 min:    Classroom

45 min:               Practical Application

45 min:               *Range

*Commuting time to the shooting range is not included in the timeline 


Who should attend: 


  • Concealed Carry Patrons/Formally trained students (who have not fired their firearm in more than a year) 

  • Those who only took an online course… (You should also consider the Basic Pistol Course)

  • Current, prior, and retired Military (Thank you for your service)

  • Anyone who desires a “Back 2 The Basics” confidence booster!

  • Those who want to switch or/and try a different Firearm Instructor (Smile)!


What to bring:


  • Your Pistol or you can rent a pistol ($15 additional fee) at the range

  • $10 range fee

  • 30 rounds/cartridges (however 50 rounds/cartridges are recommended)

  • Eye and Ear Protection


If you desire a more in-depth pistol course before applying for your concealed carry permit, I strongly recommend the Basic Pistol Course. 


Classes are held in Stafford County, VA

Cost: $85 (Plus $10 range fee)

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