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Firearms, amunition, bullets and shooting targets

Our mission is to create an environment around firearms, that reduces the fear of operating guns, and minimizes negligence. Safety is our priority, as we strive to increase our student's confidence, knowledge and abilities through interactive firearms training.

Our Courses


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The Basic Pistol Course is ideal for novice shooters and those who haven't used firearms in a while. It emphasizes safety, confidence-building, and teaches necessary techniques for safe firearm ownership and usage. The course includes classroom instruction, practical application, evaluation, and a range qualification shoot.


* These courses meet the requirements for Virginia's Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) and Maryland's Handgun Qualification License (HQL).


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The Refresher Pistol Course is a 4-hour program designed for students who have completed formal training but haven't fired a firearm in the past year. This course rebuilds your firearm safety mindset, hones your skills and knowledge, and boosts your confidence for better range time. It includes classroom instruction, practical application, and range shooting.



The Concealed Carry Course is an advanced pistol training program. This 10-hour course focuses on teaching participants the proper techniques for drawing from a concealed carry holster and engaging targets. The curriculum covers topics such as Safety and Accountability, Concealed Carry Rules/Reminders, Defensive Marksmanship/Mindset, and more.


Prior completion of Freedom 1 Security’s Basic Pistol Course is a prerequisite. Participants are required to bring their own compact or full-size semi-automatic pistols and should have a reliable "kydex" appendix and/or Outside the Waist-Band hip holster designed for their specific firearm.


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Hourly Marksmanship Instruction is an opportunity to enhance and maintain your shooting abilities. Clients must know firearm safety rules and be somewhat comfortable with basic firearm operations. We'll have a quick phone call prior to meeting to discuss a training plan that meets your objectives, with adjustments made on the range if needed.

Our Services
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Victor Williams

Owner and Chief Instructor

Meet the Chief Instructor

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website! 


As a certified firearms instructor and training counselor with the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA); certified firearms instructor with National Rifle Association (NRA), and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). I am honored to be able to share my 35 years of firearms knowledge and experience with others. I have trained students of all backgrounds and skill levels, and I look forward to training you in an upcoming course.

What Our Students Are Saying

“Victor's professionalism and extensive knowledge in this field were excellent, but what impressed me, even more, was his ability to instruct in a way that was practical and kept the class engaged from start to finish. I look forward to learning more and having Victor Williams as my instructor."
Chris Washington
Fredericksburg, VA
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Ready to get started? 

Freedom 1 Security offers training to suit your skill level and experience whether you are an experienced shooter, who needs a refresher to sharpen your skills, or you want to learn the basics before purchasing your first firearm. If you have questions or special training requests fill out the Contact Form and we will contact you shortly.  

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